About Us

Interland Invest SRL, founded since 2005, became Google Partner Cloud last year, through the Google Partner Advantage program, and an authorized distributor of Google devices, focusing in particular on the Romanian, Austrian and Greek markets, where Google does not sell directly, but only through partners.

In this way, we launched last year in Romania the online store http://www.google-pixel.ro where we market the entire range of Google devices, with a focus on Google Pixel phones that are highly sought after on the Romanian market. At the same time, we also launched last year the dedicated online store https://www.googlepixel.gr with Google devices marketed throughout Austria, Greece + Cyprus and Denmark.

As a Google Partner, we allow you to market Google Pixel phones at competitive prices, in compliance with the manufacturer’s policy. Also, we decided to sell only new, sealed, original, not used devices!

We take them directly from the manufacturer and sell directly to interested customers, with a very small addition, common sense, offering support and warranty. We focus on quality and sustainability, we want all customers to be satisfied to maintain the positive image related to Google devices, according to the line drawn by the manufacturer. If in other countries Google phones are in vogue, in Romania they are less known and appreciated, which is why we set out to do a promotion campaign that will bring to the attention of Romanians the quality and benefits of these phones compared to Iphone, Samsung or Huawei.

Thanks to the prices without competition, the quality of the products and the fact that we went to customer satisfaction, we managed, last year (2019), to sell a record number of phones and accessories both in Romania and in Greece, exceeding the objectives set. initially and asking the manufacturer to supplement the stock allocated for us.

You can order with confidence from us as we focus on product image and customer satisfaction, not only in the sale process, but also in the post-sale period. We want all customers to be satisfied and to recommend us further to their friends, thus increasing sales through recommendations.

Google Partner Cloud

Head office: Vasile Carlova Street, no. 14,  Block A2, Bucharest.
E-mail: sales@googlepixel.gr
Website: www.googlepixel.gr